The Feast is Served

Outdoor enthusiasts from across Virginia filled the halls of Thomas Road on Saturday, September 17th, for the 11th Annual Beast Feast. This event celebrating the God’s great outdoors offered seminars loaded with information about fishing, hunting and an array of other outdoor activities, the best local outdoor vendors, and of course, food! Attendees sampled Crawfish, Venison Andouille Sausage, and wild boar.

Jimmy HoustonJimmy Houston, watched by over 2,000,000 people around the world on ESPN, Versus, NBC Sports, the Outdoor Life Network & more spoke to the many gathered. Houston is one of the most loved fishermen in the world and a Christ-follower. He shared a number of humorous stories along with his testimony and how Christ saved him from a wasted lift. He shared how his personal walk with God has blessed him abundantly. Through that, he has been able to share the Gospel with so many, like those who were gathered that Saturday night. Additionally the crowd viewed a miracle story from fisherman Hunter Crocker from Clayton, NC.

When this finished, Pastor Jonathan took the stage to share the Gospel of Christ and the message of salvation. While prizes loomed at the end of the event, Jonathan preached of the greatest gift of all, leading over 130 in prayer to accept Christ as Savior.

After prizes were passed out and the crowds had gone home, our team rejoiced in the success of the evening – new friendships formed and lives changed for eternity.