2016 Seminars

Sample of 2016 Beast Feast Seminars (VERY SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


Beast Feast Seminars

Choose 1 or 2 Seminars to attend – Seminars are at 4:15 PM and most are repeated at 5:20 PM, Saturday, September 17th
(Some alterations and additions may be made)

Bass Fishing Tournament Strategies
Floyd Williams
is the founder and Pro Staff member of “Salt Willie Bass’n Baits” and is a “Fisher of Men” tournament angler. Floyd will discuss a wide variety of lures and strategies to help you become a better bass angler.
Pond Management 101 – Making the Most of Your Farm Pond
George Palmer is a Fisheries Biologists for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. One of his responsibilities is the management of small impoundments (ponds). Key topics will include proper pond layout and design, fish stocking, management strategies, and common problems encountered by pond owners.
Beginning Hunting – How to Get Started
Dan Wilson Biologist for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and avid hunter will cover the basics of how to get started in the exciting sport of hunting. If you or your children are interested in hunting but aren’t quite sure where to start then this seminar is just what you need. We will discuss how to get the required hunter education classes necessary to get a hunting licenses, the importance of safety, tips for scouting, different types of game animals, choices of firearms and hunting gear options.  This is an interactive session and questions are welcome.
Youth and the Outdoors, The Epidemic of Inside.
The average kid spends 40 minutes a week outside, 70 hours a week in front of a screen. Today’s kids, their culture can be defined by likes, chats, emoji’s and all in a speed faster than you can read the word go. How do we take what is reality for them and insert a big shot of healthy outdoors, hunting, fishing and more? Come explore the problem and grab a few takeaways you can use with your kids, your grandkids or even the kids in your church. TJ Greaney is an award winning outdoor writer, television and radio host. His adventures have taken him around the country hunting, fishing and climbing the tallest peaks. He is also the founder of Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ) the nation’s fastest growing hunting and fishing ministry for churches.
Introduction to Basic Canoeing & Kayaking
Barry Tyree has 34 years experience paddling white water, lakes, ocean waters, swamps, and creeks. Barry has also been a paddling instructor for guide services. This seminar will cover basic canoeing techniques with an emphasis on stream paddling but will provide the basics for canoeing in any type of water. Learn eight important paddle strokes necessary for proper canoe handling, how to read fast water and how to determine the best route selection while navigating through fast water. Find out how to avoid capsizing and what to do in the event of a capsize along with other basic safety tips.
Survival 101: Technology and Strategies to Live Another Day
Come join renowned outdoor writer, hunting industry market researcher and outdoor survival expert, Bob Peck, for a seminar crammed with information that could save your life or just make your hunting experience more fun. You owe it to yourself and to your family to return safely, so ask yourself …would you have wanted to be one of the 338 hunters who died in the woods last year? Learn how to live another day by attending this fast-paced, informative and interactive seminar. Topics will range from technology you must know to survival strategies and common sense that could save your life.
Active Shooter Preparedness
This training is not recommended for children. Parental discretion is advised and parental supervision of minors will be required. Marko Galbreath is a retired police Sergeant of 22 years. He was a SWAT team member and Hostage Negotiation Team Commander. This training is from primary source information and is not sugarcoated or exaggerated. He will bring his experience teaching on situational awareness & knowing your surroundings; Explaining the history and dynamics of active shooter scenarios. This will be more than just the typical run, hide, and fight. he will teach how the body reacts under extreme stress, recognizing it and gaining control. Along with the importance of having a PLAN B.