Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my wife, daughter or another women?
Yes, this event is designed for all hunters, fishers, outdoor enthusiasts and the curious.

What ageĀ  is the Beast Feast appropriate for?
We suggest that the Beast Feast is appropriate for adults and teenagers of hunting age. Every parent has discretion to lead his child any way he desires, but we would discourage parents from bringing any child much younger than 5th grade.

How can I sponsor the event?
We are looking for all sorts of door-prizes and gifts to give to the men as part of this event, each company will be mentioned and be on our slide presentation. Contact us for more information by clicking here.

How can I be involved?
We are looking for volunteers before, during and after this event. The Beast Feast is a huge undertaking and we need your assistance in promotion, registration, food preparation, hospitality, greeting, giving out information, working with vendors / exhibits, counseling, facilities and much more. Click here and register to be a volunteer.

Will there be handicapped and wheel chair access available?
Yes. Wheel chair seating will be available for the physically disadvantaged, just show up a little earlier to get the best seating.

What will be on the Menu?
Recent meals have included Venison, Shark, and Wild Boar on the menu.