2017 Seminars



Beast Feast Seminars from 2017 (2018 Posted Soon!)

Choose 1 or 2 Seminars to attend – Seminars are at 4:25 PM and most are repeated at 5:25 PM, Saturday, September 17th
(Some alterations and additions may be made)

Bass Fishing
How to Select the Right Caits for the Right Season – 4:30PM ONLY
How to do Things Right by Reading Water and Adjusting to Tough Conditions – 5:30PM ONLY
David Duddley is a four-time winner of the FLW Tour and two-time winner of the Bassmaster and three-time Angler of the Year. David is one of the top ranked fisherman in the world of professional bass fisherman. David also has been selected to represent the USA in the first ever Olympic World Championship.  David will help bass anglers improve their catch by considering important aspects of fishing beyond the tackle box. He will highlight the importance of mental preparation, building your confidence, and putting the pieces of the fishing puzzle togetheR. David’s concepts are applicable for the competitive bass angler and the casual angler wanting to improve their fishing skills. 
The Life and Times of White-tailed Deer
Matt Knox, Virginia Deer Project Coordinator for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, will present various aspects of the whitetail deer’s world. This talk will focus primarily on whitetail research studies that shed light on topics such as a reproduction, home ranges, daily activity periods, rutting activities, antler development, vision, hearing, food requirements, and social behavior. Knowing more about the game you pursue can increase the odds of scoring but will also expand your appreciation of this incredible animal.
Survival 101:  Technology & Strategies to Live Another Day
Come join renowned outdoor writer, hunting industry market researcher and outdoor survival expert Bob Peck for a seminar crammed with information that could save your life or just make your hunting experience more fun. You owe it to yourself and to your family to return safely so ask yourself …do you really want to be one of the 338 hunters who died in the woods last year?  Learn how to live another day by attending this fast paced, informative and interactive seminar.  Topics will range from technology you must know to survival strategies & common sense that could save your life.
Active Shooter Preparedness
This training is not recommended for children. Parental discretion is advised and parental supervision of minors will be required. Marko Galbreath is a retired police Sergeant of 22 years. He was a SWAT team member and Hostage Negotiation Team Commander. This training is from primary source information and is not sugarcoated or exaggerated. He will bring his experience teaching on situational awareness & knowing your surroundings; Explaining the history and dynamics of active shooter scenarios. This will be more than just the typical run, hide, and fight. he will teach how the body reacts under extreme stress, recognizing it and gaining control. Along with the importance of having a PLAN B.